Breakfast & Recipes

Breakfasts are relaxing and enjoyable.

Breakfasts vary each day with different homemade baked delights, fruits, eggs and cereals are served in an inviting manner in the welcoming sitting/great room of the main portion of the Hacienda. Rosemary and David usually join their guests in conversation at breakfast and are well stocked with suggestions and materials on how to enjoy the area.

A wonderful, filling continental plus breakfast is offered daily. Wondering just what a “continental plus breakfast” offers?


  • Beverage choices
    • Juices: orange and cranberry pomegranate
    • A variety of herbal and caffeinated teas
    • Regular and decaf coffee
    • Premium flavored and regular cocoa packets
  • Cereals
    • Cold: wheat & bran chex, rice chex, David’s yfeatured homemade granola, bran flakes, grapenuts, honeynut cheerios (and a whole bevy of “kid” cereal boxes when kids are in residence)
    • Hard boiled eggs served in our unique glass hen dishes for those requiring a protein.  Chickens raised on the Hacienda.
    • Mini turkey sausages
  • A hot baked goodie like blueberry buttermilk muffins, croissants, gingerbread, bagels, or scones.
  • A prepared fresh or baked fruit dish

If your stay is more than a day, you’ll likely get to try one of our special desert jellies made right here in Tucson such as prickly pear, jalapeño, green chili pepper, or Arizona red lime. If you like one, it’s available in our gift shop to take home with you.

Although B & B kitchens aren’t regulated, our staff have all taken food safety courses.

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