Custom Packages

Pricing Details:

Arrangements must be made in advance

  • Rooms: You’ve already chosen one of our four beautifully decorated rooms
  • Flowers:
    • One dozen arranged unforgettable roses $65
    • Mixed floral arrangement $40
    • Demi-vase roses (You’ll want to keep this vase) $28
  • Decadent desserts & appetizers:
    • 6 chocolate dipped strawberries with specialty shortbread $29
    • Two Hacienda coffee cups with freshly ground coffee ready for brew and chocolate dipped biscotti $40
    • Artisan cheese and seasonal fruit plate with crackers $45
    • 6 pieces Sees chocolate assortment (not for those with nut allergies) $15
  • Refreshers:
    • Sparkling water for two $5
    • Sparkling cider for two $10
  • Entertainment:
    • Tucson Attractions Savings Passport $18

Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding area are home to some of the most diverse attractions in the United States. The Tucson Attractions Savings Passport is a booklet offering 2 for 1 entrance fees to some of the most popular attractions in Southern Arizona, all within easy driving distance of our Bed & Breakfast. Order yours now so it will be waiting in your room upon arrival.