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Night Blooming Cactus in Tucson

July 26th, 2010 by tucsonbb

If you want to see a gorgeous cactus flower then you must visit our Tucson, Arizona Bed and Breakfast during the monsoon season since it’s the only time that the exquisite night-blooming cactus blooms.
Cereus PeruvianusCereus Peruvianus

The night-blooming cactus, also known as Cereus Peruvianus, only blooms at night and only in the Tucson monsoon season.  The night-blooming cereus is a tall husky cactus that grows upright with six vertical ribs and sparse quarter-inch spines. They produce the most gorgeous trumpet shaped blooms which have many soft delicate petals that come in several shades of creams and light pink colors.
Inside each of the wonderful elegant blossoms are many long yellow threads of golden stamens topped with anthers.
The scent of the flowers is similar to that of a very light perfume and ripe melon.  These beautiful blooms are sometimes as large as a dinner plate!

Young night bloomer

Under the warm starlit skies of a Tucson, Arizona B&B night, a magical mystical show is about to take place at our Tucson,Arizona Bed and Breakfast with the exquisitely beautiful night blooming cactus setting the stage.

Cereus Peruvianus at sunriseCereus Peruvianus at sunrise

In the early morning when the sun rises over our Tucson Bed and Breakfast Inn, the birds and the bees and other insects enjoy partaking from the now closing cactus flowers.  Each cactus flower will close up, dry up and fall off the plants.

Where the flower once was, a soft ripe reddish pink round fruit will develop with many small black seeds inside.
The fruit is called a Peruvian apple or also known as tuna by the Mexican people.  Inside the fruit it looks very much like a soft over ripened kiwi fruit but it tastes rather plain.  The gila woodpeckers and many other Tucson birds and desert wildlife of the Arizona Sonora Desert love to eat these cactus fruits.

So, The chain of life goes on at the Tucson, Arizona Bed and Breakfast Inn
located in the Tucson desert nestled near the Saguaro National Park East.What a beautiful sight!