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Spring Hummingbird News from our Tucson Inn

May 4th, 2009 by tucsonbb

Hummingbird outside of our Patio Suite

Hummingbird outside of our Patio Suite

Although my husband and I are not very knowledgeable about birds, we have a number of guests who are avid birders.  Over the years, they have identified 54 different types of birds at our Tucson, Arizona Inn, five of these being hummingbirds.  We have Black Chinned, Costa’s, Anna’s, Magnificent, and Broad-billed.  A mother is just now nurturing two baby chicks near the ceiling of the porch just outside the door of one of our guest suites.  Most of the time the mother seems unbothered by guests going in and out of that room, but at other times she swoops down toward a person’s head if she thinks they are getting too close to her chicks.  Soon we’ll see the babies sitting on the side of the nest getting their strength and courage to fly away.

Over the years, we have been fortunate a few of our guests have been experienced wildlife photographers.  Scott Robinson and his wife come every year in the spring for Southern Arizona bird watching, and this year he captured the stunning picture you see here of our mother sitting on her nest.  I should have asked him at the time if he knew which type of hummingbird it is, but I didn’t think of it.