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Water Conservation Important to our Tucson Inn

June 6th, 2009 by tucsonbb

We know for a fact that many couples love to use jetted tubs during special getaways, but we made a conscious decision not to include those when we remodeled our private home to make it a Tucson Arizona Bed and Breakfast accommodation.  We have a very deep well but are conscious of water shortages in our Southern Arizona desert and try to limit our water use.  We decided instead to provide two outdoor jetted hydrotherapy spas for the property which need only be emptied four times a year if serviced properly.

We use the new large front loading washing machines which conserve water and power and run only full loads.  Although we will gladly wash bath linens daily if requested by longer staying guests, we normally wash bed and bath linens after every third night if guests are here that long and, of course, after every guest stay.

Our gardens are on drip water systems, and most plants outside of the courtyard and patios are desert plants which require little or no watering.