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Developing Hacienda del Desierto

May 7th, 2009 by tucsonbb

Hacienda Living Room

Hacienda Living Room

It would be so much more interesting if we could claim that the Hacienda was an old stage stop on the Spanish Trail, an old route to Mexico.  The truth is somewhat less striking but a labor of love nonetheless.

Originally, David’s father bought about 200 acres in the ’50’s when Tucson stopped at Swan road.  He later sold off all but 40 acres, leaving some acreage to each of his 4 children.  In 1970, we moved to the property, living with our 3 children in just the west wing of the house.  Over a period of 9 years David, his father, and several neighborhood bricklayers completed the house after school, weekends, and vacation periods as we both taught school.  Of course, the children helped, and if you listen to their story, they did all the slave labor.  We had an architect help with the initial building plan but did some revision as the building progressed.  David has done a good deal of the work including the hand-adzing of porch beams, and Rosemary is the interior designer.

The beams are old electric poles and the ceiling boards were taken from the old St. Mary’s Sanatorium and an old Safeway store, both torn down in the  late ’60’s and early ’70’s.  The Patio Suite and Galleria suites were originally our children’s wing and later the Galleria housed Rosemary’s mother for 5 years.

In 1981, David and our youngest son built the Casita, and our older son promptly moved in with his son and lived there for 10 years.

In 1991, David applied for a license to operate a Tucson Bed and Breakfast after we stayed in a number of them in Great Britain.  He didn’t know at that time whether we would ever decide to operate one but wanted to apply before too many restrictions were developed.  In 1993 we experimented with having guests stay without the breakfast to see whether our place was attractive to others and whether it was something we might seriously consider after teacher retirement.

It wasn’t until 1994 that we officially opened the Tucson lodging accommodation with only one remodeled guestroom, the Patio Suite.  A year later we remodeled the space that is now La Rosa.  We then remodeled the Casita (after our son moved).  In 1999 we remodeled the Galleria after Rosemary’s mother left.  Since we want to maintain the present size, we will be adding no additional guest facilities.