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New Hampshire Artist Popular with Tucson Bed & Breakfast

October 25th, 2009 by tucsonbb

A major artist who contributes to the room decor at Hacienda del Desierto Bed & Breakfast is Lori Simons from New Hampshire who spends almost a month with us every year.  An original water color hangs over the desk area in the Galleria guestroom, and a still life print hangs in that bathroom.  The Patio Suite guestroom also has an original oil painting of Sabino Canyon.

Agua Caliente Park by Lori Simons

Agua Caliente Park by Lori Simons

In other areas of the Bed & Breakfast are original watercolors of the front gate entrance, the courtyard, and Agua Caliente Park.  She also helped me design and execute a wall mural of an ocotillo for our office wall.  A small table also has a painting of a Javalina.  Guests who visit in February look forward to her stay with us, often purchasing new work she brings with her.

Agua Caliente Park,  the subject of the painting, is 15 minutes north of our Tucson lodging.  There are natural springs there which create a birding habitat.  It is truly an oasis in the desert.

Artist inspires Tucson Bed & Breakfast Décor

August 3rd, 2009 by tucsonbb

Every wonder what inspires a Bed & Breakfast guest room’s décor?   We wanted to take a two-room suite which had been used by one of our mothers (painted in Pepto Bismal pink, her favorite color) and turn it into a guestroom for which no guest would need Pepto Bismal to enjoy a relaxing visit.  During a tour of Mexican and Southern Arizona historic missions, we met a fellow traveler and artist, Arline Tinus from Flagstaff.

Mexican Dancers

Mexican Dancers

Several weeks later she brought some of her work down from Flagstaff and stayed with us overnight.  I picked one of her beautiful watercolor paintings of Mexican dancers to be the color inspiration for the new guestroom.  It hangs in the bedroom of what has since been called the Galleria because of all the artwork in the room.

We were inspired to experiment with paint on the wall on which the queen bed has been placed to make it reflect the transparent purple of the Mexican dancers’ skirts.  We painted the wall off white, and then washed it with a watered down fuchsia, then an even more watered down deep blue, letting the paint drip down to the floor from the roller used.  The finished wall looks exactly like the transparent purple in the Mexican dancers’ skirts and doesn’t overpower the rest of the room.

Patio Suite Wall with painting

Patio Suite Wall with painting

We also picked up the transparent peach tones in the dancers’ clothing from the painting and washed the upper half of the room with that same watered down peach tone, keeping the lower wainscoting off-white so the suite still has a restful feel and isn’t overwhelmed with color.  You can see more pictures of this guest room and the rest of the inn on our website.

Most of Arlene’s recent work seems to be oil painting, but this one is a watercolor, my favorite.