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Balloon Festival Wows!

October 16th, 2011 by tucsonbb


Mass Ascension

I usually blog about Southern Arizona events but just had to share with vacationers our recent trip to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival held in October.  Although our experience was with KruseArizona Tours and included museums and other experiences as part of the six day tour, it was timed to include the evening of the balloon Glow and the early morning Mass Ascension.

At the balloon glow, hundreds of balloons fire their burners which lights up the inside of the balloon which is invariably very colorful.  Their are the classic shaped balloons and also shapes such as butterflies, pigs, Darth Vader, a Wells Fargo stage coach, a cow, kissing bees, and other imaginative shapes.  Those attending the the fiesta can get up very close and watch the process of unloading the balloons from the trucks, to laying them out on the ground, to blowing them up, to keeping them inflated with the burners.

Balloon Glow

The morning ascension of hundreds of balloons is also awe inspiring.  Observers clap when each balloon is fully inflated and when it leaves the ground.  Between 500-600 balloons participate between one weekend and the next, about 9 days in all.  This is an event that should be shared with family if possible.  Small children were especially enchanted with the special shape balloons.  Seeing pictures of a balloon or even just one balloon just isn’t the same kind of experience as seeing hundreds ascending one after the other over a period of an hour or so.  Then one can watch them drift until they descend someplace in town where a chaser car with trained volunteers help them land safely, deflate the balloon, fold it up, and transport it and the pilot with passengers back to the field.

It’s an event we at the Hacienda will surely share with guests.