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Desert Animals at Hacienda Animal Pond

October 18th, 2012 by tucsonbb

Bobcat at Hacienda pond

A large window in the Galleria Suite looks out to a wild animal pond which attracts birds, rabbits, javelina, and bobcats.  Last week our assistant innkeeper was servicing a room when a mother bobcat with her two young ones appeared at the pond for a drink.  Her little ones are hiding behind her.

Outside the same room appeared a Gila Monster, a bright orange and black desert lizard near the foot of the pool climbing over the rocks to get a drink.

Gila Monster drinking at Hacienda pool

Hacienda Room Update

August 18th, 2012 by tucsonbb

Casita bathroom sink

In the Tucson area where business is slower in the heat of the summer, many inns take the time to update rooms.  This summer we upgraded our Casita bathroom by changing the tub, tiling the tub surround, and changing the sink area.  We’ve added a beautiful Mexican tin mirror, tiled the sink to match the tub surround, and changed the lighting.  We hope our guests this coming season will enjoy the changes.

Casita bath view

Tucson B & B Adopts Eco-friendly Habits

June 15th, 2012 by tucsonbb

Although Hacienda del Desierto was built in the 1970’s when newer, eco-friendly building materials were unavailable, we do our best to protect the environment by recycling not only our own discarded materials but also those of our guests.  We have a note in guestrooms about our recyling habits.  Where we can, we also use the newer efficient light bulbs.  Unless guests request new towels every day, we replace guest linens for those staying multiple nights only after every third night.  Of course, linens are changed at the end of every guest stay.  We also have purchased new, more energy efficient front loading washing machines which we run only when we have a full load.

We also provide habitat for the wild animals of the desert, especially the birds.  We haven’t trimmed our palm trees in about five years because there are so many bird nests within the palm fronds.  Two wild animal ponds provide desert animals a place to drink throughout the year.

Outstanding Assistant Innkeeper

May 11th, 2012 by tucsonbb

Shanna Cooper, Assistant Innkeeper

Shanna Cooper, Assistant Innkeeper at Hacienda del Desierto Bed & Breakfast, has been providing guests with great service since 2002 when she moved here from Iowa.  She is the one who makes it possible for David and Rosemary Brown to take getaways from a single day to weeks at a time.  She is also the one who bakes the yummy cookies provided guests each day at the Hacienda.  Most days she provides guests with daily room service, consistently going beyond giving just basic service.  When she acts as an innsitter, she moves into the innkeeper quarters with her 16-year-old daughter so she can be at the inn both day and night.  Guests love her for her cheerfulness, willingness to help with daily activity planning, and providing help for special needs.

Desert Garden Paradise

April 13th, 2012 by tucsonbb

Garden Facing Porch

Roses by Spa

Garden by Spa

In the back patios of our Hacienda, climbing white roses move up an outside porch opening providing shade and wind protection for those relaxing on porch couches, chairs, and swings.  Pink climbers spill out of a planter near a chaise lounge and table.  English hedge roses have just now bloomed in a long flower bed beside out jetted spa.  On the other side of the spa is another bed with mixed flowers and cacti.  The largest garden faces the outdoor living porch and is primarily desert plants with a few bloomers included.  Enjoy our display by visiting us soon.

Pink Cascading Roses

Bed & Breakfast Garden Flourishes

April 6th, 2012 by tucsonbb


The courtyard gardens at Hacienda del Desierto Bed & Breakfast are flourishing this spring.  Potted plants in the Mexican courtyard are in bloom both against walls and around the cantera fountain.  Guests can enjoy the floral display by lounging on a comfortable chaise lounge,  from a shaded table or, if they’re lucky,  from a window of the Patio Suite guestroom.  Visit Tucson and see for yourself.

Courtyard West Flowers




Succulents Near Guestroom

Courtyard Garden Spot

Dolly Steamboat Cruise

December 5th, 2011 by tucsonbb

Dolly Steamboat, Canyon Lake

We at Hacienda del Desierto just returned from a tour that included the experience of cruising beautiful Canyon Lake on the Dolly Steamboat in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, just northeast of Phoenix.  The  captain was knowledgeable about the area and pointed out bighorn sheep right next to the lake and eagles up on the cliffs.  For 1 1/2 hours he pointed out the wildlife and geology of the lake area.  The Dolly steamboat provides protection from the sun or rain but also allows guests to walk outside on the open deck to experience the breezes and a better view of wildlife.  We like to point out to our guests what Arizona has to offer not only in Southern Arizona but in other parts of our state.  We’ve lived in Arizona since the early 50’s and never taken advantage of this lovely boating experience and will recommend it often.

Located on the historic Apache Trail (Highway 88) not far from Mesa, Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona. Nature Cruises, Twilight Dinner Cruises and Astronomy Cruises are available year round.


New Baby Chicks

October 23rd, 2011 by tucsonbb

Two years ago David decided to build a chicken house down at the barn area of Hacienda del Desierto Bed & Breakfast so we could have fresh eggs.  Since he had raised chickens back in Ohio as a youth, he decided to buy Twelve Road Island Reds.  One of them turned out to be a handsome rooster which gave the hens such a bad time, we had to boot him out.  One eventually died which left us with ten aging hens.  Last week he went to the feed store and found they were trying to get rid of their chicks to make room for Christmas displays so, of course, he wanted to help them out by taking a dozen home with him.                                               

We now have four breeds of chicks three of which lay brown eggs and one which lays blue or green eggs (a first for us). The chicken in the video is a Brahman and lays the blue or green eggs.  In about six months we should have more eggs than we know what to do with and will end up giving some away to family and friends.  As part of our continental breakfast, we provide  hard boiled eggs in a glass hen dish for guests who need a protein.

Kruse Arizona Tours

October 3rd, 2011 by tucsonbb

Kruse Arizona is a Tucson based tour company that shines.  Alan Kruse offers walking tours of historic Tucson that appeal not only to locals but to those visiting Tucson from out of town or out of state. Find out how Tucson developed between 1850-1910 and beyond.  Some are morning tours, most beginning with coffee and pastry, and some twilight tours, often ending in a no-host dinner at a local downtown restaurant.  Sometimes local Tucsonians don’t find the time to explore their own city and should pretend to be a tourist for a day and explore with Alan.

But his knowledge of history isn’t just confined to Tucson.  He is also an expert in the history of towns like Tombstone, Bisbee, and Forence as well as some very interesting ghost towns around Southern Arizona.  Join one of his van or coach trips to experience more of Southern Arizona.  He also offers coach trips to other Southwestern states such as New Mexico and California.

Rosemary & David, innkeepers at Hacienda del Desierto, have taken a number of his tours including a walking tour of one area of historic Tucson, several of his couch tours to Phoenix to see musicals and museums, a tour to Ft. Bowie, and a Santa Fe Opera tour.  This week we’ll taking a coach tour out of state to Albuquerque, New Mexico to the Balloon Festival which is held every fall.  We’ll soon be joining him for a tour of the officer’s quarters at Ft. Huachuca and, in December, the Dolly Steamboat and Arizona Opry tour.  We’ve been in Tucson since the early 50’s and always learn something new with Alan at the helm.

He is a respected historian who speaks at the local historical society, the Adobe Corral historical group, and many other groups who want more about Southern Arizona’s past.

New Hacienda Website

September 25th, 2011 by tucsonbb

Special Order Roses

We’ve just launched our brand new, more colorful website at Hacienda del Desierto Bed & Breakfast.  Most of our pictures have been updated and we’ve added a Specials & Packages page for those who want to create a special occasion for a honeymoon, anniversary,  birthday, maybe even an engagement by ordering edible and/or visual treats.  We now also offer special extended stay rates described on that page for those wishing to experience more than just a taste of the Sonoran Desert.   Navigation through the site is easier now with our new menu at the top of the page.   We hope prospective guests enjoy a more complete picture of what we have to offer with this new site.