Tucson B & B Adopts Eco-friendly Habits

Although Hacienda del Desierto was built in the 1970’s when newer, eco-friendly building materials were unavailable, we do our best to protect the environment by recycling not only our own discarded materials but also those of our guests.  We have a note in guestrooms about our recyling habits.  Where we can, we also use the newer efficient light bulbs.  Unless guests request new towels every day, we replace guest linens for those staying multiple nights only after every third night.  Of course, linens are changed at the end of every guest stay.  We also have purchased new, more energy efficient front loading washing machines which we run only when we have a full load.

We also provide habitat for the wild animals of the desert, especially the birds.  We haven’t trimmed our palm trees in about five years because there are so many bird nests within the palm fronds.  Two wild animal ponds provide desert animals a place to drink throughout the year.


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