Song of a Desert Toad

We have created several wild animal ponds at Hacienda del Desierto Bed & Breakfast, and we’ve been hearing the night songs of the Colorado River Toad.  They  appear when our monsoon rains arrive in the summer. They must be calling to their lady loves. Breeding then commences. They eats insects, spiders, lizards, and other toads. They then dig into the ground and hybernate until the rains commence next summer in Southern Arizona. We, along with our guests, hear them during the night. We advise guests not to try to catch or handle them as they secrete a poisonous milky substance on the skin that can make you sick or paralyze you if you should tough your mouth or eyes after handling them. They are the most dangerous to dogs who like to tease them. Then owners must rinse out the pet’s mouth to get rid of the poison–if they are aware of what happened. When we used to have dogs, we kept them in the house or penned during the night during monsoon season.


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