Fun Way to Tour Historic Tucson

Guests at Hacienda del Desierto Bed & Breakfast recently chose to tour historic downtown Tucson, Arizona by using a Segway. I think many people really don’t know what they are let alone used one. They are a two-wheeled motorized

Tour Guides at Tucson Segway Tours

scooter which lends itself easily to tours where you want to stop and look at and hear about a site, especially if you don’t like extensive walking. They don’t move very fast and easily stop. Since the wheels are side by side separated by a platform on which you stand rather than one wheel in front of the other, they don’t require the same balance.

The guides of Tucson Segway Tours are on their Segways in front of a walkway overpass in the shape of a rattlesnake, a very impressive site and part of the tour.  You can see the open mouth of the rattlesnake with one eye showing at the top right of the overpass.  The guides are standing on what could very well be the snakes tongue.

Our guests were very impressed with their tour.  Try this very different way of seeing historic Tucson, Arizona.


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